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About Metrolock

Metro Automotive Locksmith has been supplying emergency service to central Iowa for more than 12 years and rescuing stranded motorists from a multitude of situations. Working with companies like AAA, Geico Roadside, and State Farm Insurance as the area’s only Automotive Key Specialist, we have noticed the growing need for an alternative to towing and associated downtime required for the factory dealerships to reproduce misplaced or damaged keys. Metro Lock can fill that need for our customers.


our Services

  • 24 Hour Lockout Service
  • Replacement Keyless Entry Fobs
  • New Keys Made
  • Fouled Ignition Extraction
  • Lock Assembly Configuration
  • Factory Keys
  • Broken Key & Debri Extraction


I have known and used the services of Kurt Bingham and Metro Lock for over 7 years.  Kurt’s knowledge of locks and keys continues to amaze me.  He is often able to repair a lock cylinder without the expense of replacing it and the final repair is solid and lasts a long time.  Kurt keeps up with technology and is able to reprogram the electronic keys. Do yourself and your customer a favor, do not throw expensive parts at lock problems, have them repaired by Metro Lock.Ron Haugen • President
Westside Auto Pros, Clive


With the type of business I'm involved in, down time is critical and when I can make one call and know that the job will be done right the first time it makes for an easy, no brainer decision for United Fleet and KHI.David Hobbs • Manager/Service Advisor
United Fleet/KHI, Pleasant Hill


Metro Automotive Locksmith supplies emergency service to central Iowa and has been for over 12 years.  Rescuing stranded motorists from a multitude of situations and working with companies like AAA, Geico Roadside, and State Farm Insurance as the area’s only Automotive Lockout and Key Specialist.  Not only do we have the ability to retrieve your keys if they are locked in your vehicle, and yes even the trunk, but in most cases we can make you a back up key right on the spot.  We are the only locksmith service in the area that offers this level of mobile service, and we answer our phones 24 hours a day.  We replace lost and remake broken keys also. And as always, the services we provide are done on-site, there is never a need to risk towing your stranded vehicle. Losing your keys or getting locked out is never timely, but we can get you back to your plans within minutes.